Maingear SHIFT Super Stock X79 System Review

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Software, Accessories, & First Boot

The size of the system bundle will depend on how many accessories you dropped into your virtual cart when configuring your rig. Maingear offers a number of peripherals and add-ons, including monitors, speakers, keyboards, mice, game controllers, and more.

Our system shipped with a plastic binder stuffed with items including:
  • Maingear branded miniature toolkit
  • Maingear t-shirt
  • Mousepad
  • Free game codes
  • Windows 7 Home Premium install disc
  • Asus Rampage IV Extreme driver disc
  • LG Super Multi Blue install disc
  • Various user manuals,
  • Invoice
  • Benchmark and burn-in report

We don't want to overstate the bundle, but Maingear's binder is the sort of the thing that lets you know you're shopping from a boutique system builder and not a bulk OEM.

Maingear advertises a "Zero Bloatware" policy that's a refreshing change of a pace in this era of loading up pre-built systems with third-party software. Of course, you're paying a premium for this level of PC cleanliness, and performance robbing crapware is how some OEMs can sell their systems so cheap, but if given the choice, we'd rather shell out a few extra dollars for a pristine setup rather than spend the time cleaning up the pre-installed crud.

At the time of this of this writing, Maingear has a number of special promotions going on, including several free game offers. If you remember to check the boxes, you can receive Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Just Cause 2, and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action for free when you order a SHIFT Super Stock X79 system.

The only pre-installed software that shipped with our review unit was Cyberlink's Blu-ray Disc Suite, a utility that ships with the LG optical drive that allows you to watch high-definition Blu-ray discs, burn media, and perform a handful of other tasks. By request, you can also have Maingear pre-install Microsoft's Security Essentials antivirus program. If not, Maingear drops an installation file on your desktop, along with another installation file for OpenOffice.


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