LG G6 Review: Design Elegance And Efficiency A Winning Combination

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LG G6 Battery Life And HotHardware's Rating

To determine how the LG G6 compares to other smartphones phones with respect to battery life, we ran the thin-bezeled beauty through AnTuTu Tester's Battery test, a high-load benchmark that is designed to drain the battery as quickly as possible. The test sets the display brightness to high and cranks up workloads for the processor, graphics core, and memory. It then runs through a number of real-world scripted workloads, including web browsing, gaming and video playback.

We'd caution this is more of a test to understand what a heavy usage model might look like in terms of battery life, rather than a mainstream light-duty mixed use case. 

Battery Life
How Long Did The LG G6 Last?

LG G6 AnTuTu battery test

The LG G6 delivered a competent performance in this stress test, but what this always-on, high load benchmark doesn't measure is a typical daily workload of mixed application usage, calling, texting, and on/off screen time at different brightness levels. In this regard, anecdotally, we would offer that the LG G6 handles average daily usage with aplomb. Android 7 Nougat and its advanced Doze power saving features make a huge difference in general power consumption of a device, allowing it to sleep deeper when not in use. The LG G6 also has a 3300 mAh battery, which makes it slightly beefier than a Galaxy S8, though slightly smaller than the Galaxy S8+ and a shade under the Google Pixel XL, both of which are physically much larger devices. So what's the net-net here? The LG G6 will not disappoint when it comes to battery life, even if you're a screen-lusting power user. 

concludeIn the end, we're here to give the LG G6 its due. It's a very high quality phone, with a healthy feature set, excellent performance, great battery life and a beautifully efficient design. It fits 5.7 inches of screen real estate in the footprint of much larger legacy devices. Sure, the G6 has a lot of competition coming with the Samsung Galaxy S8 series upon us but on its own merits, it's an excellent option among Android flagships. Its Snapdragon 821 process offers plenty of horsepower, and unless you're the type that just has to have the fastest thing on the market when it comes out, you're not going to want for performance with the G6. There will always be something faster around the corner, and that's what keeps places like HotHardware in business. As the saying goes, "it's all good" and the G6 is really good.
LG G6 Front
Wireless charging is a feature we wish LG was able to deliver with the G6, but other than that, this Android superphone hits all the high notes. If you consider it, you probably should get yourself a good case and screen protector, however. The jury is still out on how this new LG handset is going to wear over time. The only other consideration is price and that's where we'd speculate LG could put the pressure on, if they so choose.  

Right now the G6 is expensive, retailing for $650 to $719 at the major carriers (and even higher unlocked), though you do get that tempting free Google Home bundle promotion with it, bringing the value proposition up considerably. That's if you're in the market for both types of devices. Could it be possible that, down the line, a price concession comes to the LG G6? That's pure speculation and we'll have to see as the competitive landscape unfolds in the coming weeks. Either way, after a notable misstep with the G5, the G6 returns LG back to smartphone design prominence. People familiar with the brand will probably love the G6. If you've never considered an LG phone in the past, LG just gave you a really good reason for a double-take.

  • Gorgeous, thin bezel design
  • Beautiful 18:9 2880x1440 display
  • Excellent performance 
  • Solid camera performance
  • Unique camera features
  • Good battery life
  • No wireless charging
  • LG's ominous legacy device boot loop issues
  • Pricey

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