LG G3 Review: QHD High Res Android Power

Performance Summary And Conclusion

Performance Analysis:

The LG G3 offered up solid performance in many of our benchmark metrics, though it did trail a couple of other high-end smartphones on the market currently by small margins, when it came to graphics performance and memory-intensive tasks.  However, in other areas, the G3's extra gigabyte of RAM offered it a bit more breathing room to perform and more buffering while rendering for its high res 2560X1440 display.  Overall the device felt responsive and snappy, with only the occasional stitch noticeable here and there as the device caught up with rendering at its native QHD resolution.

The LG G3, With QSlide Apps In Action

If you're a high res pixel snob, you would absolutely love the new LG G3.  Its 2560X1440 display with 538ppi pixel density is about as tight as it gets currently and images are crisp like well done toast at a Sunday brunch.  What I personally really like about the G3 is its QSlide app functionality (pictured above) and the ability to take advantage of the G3's large 5.5-inch display and 2560X1440 resolution with multiple apps simultaneously.  There's tangible utility here with the ability to browse the web for a phone contact, while the dialer is still up on the screen, for just one example, though there are many more use cases for this obviously.

The other standout feature of the G3 is its build quality and design.  This smartphone, of all the big flagship devices on the market today, feels spacious and looks like it's all screen with its thin bezel and chassis area optimization.  It's a big screen smartphone at 5.5-inches that feels more like a standard 5-inch device and LG did an excellent job balancing style and build material quality with weight and cost.

Further, the G3's camera setup is about is idiot-proof as it gets, with the ability to capture great stills on the fly, quickly and with little setup.  If you're a real shutterbug, you might miss a few extra settings but then again, you probably have a DSLR for serious work too.

You might be keeping an eye on the G3's battery level more often but in reality, that's our only notable word of caution on this device and it's by no means a deal-breaker.

LG is still setting retail MSRPs for the device currently with the major carriers (again, all of them), but you can find the G3 unlocked currently on Amazon if you're itching for it sooner than later.

All told the LG G3 is definitely worthy of the "superphone" ranks and should be on your short list of devices, if you want it all and like living life in high resolution. 

  • Big, beautiful 5.5" QHD Display
  • Solid general performance
  • Great camera performance with no fiddling
  • Innovative UI features like QSlide and Split Screen
  • Thin bezel, tight design for a 5.5-inch device
  • Slightly slower overall performance vs other Snapdragon 801 designs
  • Occasional stutters rendering 2560 res
  • Softer overall battery life

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