LG G3 Review: QHD High Res Android Power

Web Browsing, General CPU Performance

Our first two benchmarks are what you can consider "general purpose" compute performance as well as web browsing metrics.  SunSpider is a JavaScript based test and Rightware's Browsermark measures a browser’s performance in JavaScript and HTML rendering in APIs like WebGL, HTML5 and CSS3/3D.

General Compute - Javascript Processing Benchmark

Here the G3 is near the top of the heap versus the competition with only a small variance between it and the the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  All told, a strong showing and the extra gigabyte of RAM and additional software optimizations are probably what powers both the G3 and the Note 3 past the Galaxy S5 in this test.

Rightware Browsermark
Web Browsing Performance


The same can be said for BrowserMark, where the G3 takes the second slot right behind the iPhone 5S.  In general, web apps and browsing on the G3 are snappy and responsive and the metrics show that here.

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