Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 Review: A Budget-Friendly Android Slate

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Performance: Browsing & JavaScript

It’s fair to say that most people who pick up a tablet in this price range plan to use it mostly for web browsing and streaming video, along with occasional reading and light gaming. With that in mind, we ran SunSpider and BrowserMark, along with a handful of other tests to quantify the tablet's performance.

According to the SunSpider website:
This benchmark tests the core JavaScript language only, not the DOM or other browser APIs. It is designed to compare different versions of the same browser, and different browsers to each other. Unlike many widely available JavaScript benchmarks, this test is real world, balanced and statistically sound.
JavaScript Testing
JavaScript Android and iPhone Testing

We tested the tablet against other tablets in BrowserMark 2.0 and compared it to smartphones in the 2.1 version of the test, as we have a larger pool of mobile phones that have completed the newer benchmark.

sunspider 091

browsermark 20

browsermark 21

As you can see, the tablet fares much better in the browser tests when it runs Android’s generic browser instead of Chrome. It struggled with SunSpider in both browsers, but provided respectable results in the BrowserMark tests. During the course of our hands-on testing, we found that the Yoga Tab 3 8 provides a decent browsing experience, despite its position in the charts. Users who are used to high-powered tablets might get a little impatient with the Yoga Tab 3 8 when surfing the Web, but the tablet gets the job done.

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