Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Notebook Review

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Performance Summary: In terms of performance, the T400s scored very well in Futuremark's PCMark Vantage test suite. The notebook didn’t fare quite as well in the 3DMark benchmark due to its Intel integrated graphics. And in the SiSoftware Sandra suite of tests, the machine held its own versus similarly equipped reference systems.


There are always tradeoffs to be made when choosing a notebook. You can choose a beefy machine with plenty of power, but it’s probably not going to be lightweight or offer long battery life. Alternatively, you could opt for a machine that’s inexpensive and has an average size but may not offer quite as much power as a desktop replacement. Of course, there are many other options and possibilities in between as well.

If a thin and light model with classy styling is most important to you, then Lenovo’s new T400s is an excellent option to consider. This notebook is only slightly thicker than the much-hyped MacBook Air, but with a faster processor and plenty of customization options.

When it comes to design, Lenovo definitely paid attention to the details on the T400s. This notebook has an improved keyboard over previous models with larger Delete and the Escape keys. Lenovo also tightened up the spaces between the keys on the keyboard to help prevent crumbs that would otherwise fall below the keyboard. The TouchPad has also been improved with a textured feel, mult-itouch, and flush design.

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The T400s also features a few redesigned buttons with LEDs. By moving some of the LEDS such as Caps Lock to the dedicated keys, Lenovo was able to eliminate a few unneeded LEDs. As a result, the T400s actually has fewer LEDs than the previous T400 model (7 compared to 15 on the older model).

Realizing business users will also value wireless connectivity and VoIP communications, Lenovo well equipped this notebook with a two megapixel camera for better quality images, better, louder speakers than were found on the T400, and a range of wireless connectivity options. To help reduce ambient noise, Lenovo also added dual digital microphones as well as separate speaker and microphone mute buttons with LED lights to indicate which button is on.

Overall, Lenovo’s new T400s offers many advantages over previous models. If a thin and light notebook is on your wish list, and extreme graphics performance isn’t a must-have feature, then the T400s is absolutely a worthy contender.

  • Comfortable Keyboard
  • Attractive, Thin, & Light case
  • Quiet
  • SSD Drive
  • Intel Integrated Graphics
  • Battery Life
  • Lots of Preinstalled Bloatware

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