Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Notebook Review

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The T400s is a very likeable machine. It uses Lenovo’s basic, yet classy styling and offers a good amount of power in a thin package that many are sure to like. Because the T400s uses an integrated Intel GMA 4500 MHD instead of a discreet GPU the machine isn’t well suited for gaming, however. You can see proof of this with the low score on the Vista Experience rating below. If you’re not very concerned about extreme graphical performance though, this will be of little concern.

The Intel P9600 CPU and 2GB of RAM in our test machine handled many of the applications we threw at it with ease. Word processing, surfing the web, and other basic tasks were all handled without any difficulty, as one should expect. The machine was on the low side in terms of memory, but it seemed to handle basic multitasking without any issues.

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The T400s handled high definition video clips (both 720p and 1080p) just fine and didn’t appear to drop any frames. Even when under high load, this notebook was relatively quiet and cool. The underside of the notebook was warm to the touch, but not hot by any means.

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During our time with the T400s, we found the keyboard, TouchPad, and trackpoint mouse very easy and comfortable to use. Multitouch on the TouchPad worked well, and we liked being able to rotate and zoom with a simple twist or pinch of our fingers.

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