Lenovo G530 Notebook Review

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Power Consumption and Battery Life

Our $499 test rig came with a 6-cell battery, which Lenovo rates at around 4.5 hours. Evidently that's when testing in a "best case scenario," as our real-world testing found a lifespan far shorter. With Wi-Fi active, screen at 80% brightness and us spinning a few tracks, penning a few emails and generally working as we normally do, we witnessed 1 hour and 41 minutes of battery life before it refused to soldier on.

Battery Info & Performance
Testing with BatteryEater Pro

Granted, we were working the machine 100% of the time here, so we suspect you could probably squeeze 2.5 or 3 hours out under the right conditions. Still, 4.5 hours seems more like a pipe dream, and we wouldn't honestly expect to see that from this machine under any real circumstances. The non-ULV processor isn't the most energy efficient, and 15.4 inches of LCD is a lot to light up. Still, ~2 hours should be plenty for most scenarios, and again, we keep coming back to the $499 price tag. For business users on a budget, we'd surmise that 2 hours of life is plenty for the price. Even the majority of netbooks can't survive over 3.5 hours with a charge, so the G530 really isn't that far off from its competition.

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Would we have preferred it lasting longer? Sure. Would we be willing to pay $50 or so more for another half hour? Probably not. We're glad Lenovo kept the unit as-is, and for those who really will need more than 2 hours of life in one sitting, we hear those "extra batteries" can be procured with relative ease. Also, we struggled to find similar machines to compare the G530 to. Price wise, it's nearest competition is the average netbook. Specification/size wise, there are oodles of similar 15" notebooks to compare it to, but generally speaking, they all cost quite a bit more due to fancy extras, a stylish design or a discrete GPU. As you can tell, it measured up to none of our benchmark machines, but for $499, we think it had a solid showing.

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