Leadtek Winfast PX6200 TC TDH 256MB

A Closer Look at Leadtek's Winfast PX6200 TC TDH 256MB

Leadtek's Winfast PX6200 TC TDH 256MB Up Close
Closer Inspection

Back in December, Marco covered the initial launch of NVIDIA's TurboCache line.  If you want to get a good breakdown on how TurboCache works, be sure to check out his article here.

The Leadtek Winfast PX6200 TC TDH 256MB is a PCI Express card that comes with a GeForce 6200 GPU at its core. Clocked at 350MHz, the 4 Pixel pipeline GPU is able to offer basic gaming potential, which is often not practical with integrated solutions.  The processor came equipped with passive cooling in the form of a basic heat sink.  Leadtek applied thermal paste between the heat sink and GPU to ensure good thermal contact.


The Leadtek Winfast PX6200 TC TDH 256MB card also comes with 64MB of Samsung DDR memory clocked at 275MHz, the manufacturer's recommendation for these particular modules.  Typically, we would analyze this further in an effort to uncover added headroom when considering overclocking, but that really isn't the focus with this type of product, so we're not going to delve any further in that direction.


The card comes equipped with a DVI and VGA output, allowing for dual monitor support.  The TV-Out port marries up with the HDTV cable provided which handles the connection to an HDTV as well as offering a single S-Video output as well.  Aside from that, the Leadtek Winfast PX6200 TC TDH 256MB holds few surprises.  Leadtek has come up with a 256MB TurboCache solution that follows the stock reference design.  However, with dual outputs and HDTV capabilities, the PX6200 does offer a fair degree of versatility to the end-user. 

Next, we'll compare the performance to that of integrated graphics, to show what kind of performance increases you can expect from the Leadtek Winfast PX6200 TC TDH 256


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