Leadtek WinFast A350 TDH MyViVo & Abit Siluro FX 5900 OTES

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The Leadtek WinFast A350 TDH MyViVo
The Abit Siluro FX 5900 OTES
Two GeForce FX 5900s Square-Off...

By - Marco Chiappetta
August 19, 2003


We used Croteam's Serious Sam: The Second Encounter for our last set of benchmarks.  We configured the game to use OpenGL (this is one of the few games that can use either DirectX or OpenGL) and ran a series of tests using the built-in "Little Trouble" demo.   To ensure the playing field was level, we used Beyond3D's "Extreme Quality" script which maxes out the texture and filtering quality with all of the cards being tested.

Head-to-Head / Performance With Serious Sam: TSE
Lots of Guns, Action and Explosions!

The Serious Sam results were a mixed bag.  At 1024x768, the GeForce FX cards performed within 1% of each other, outpacing the Radeon 9800 Pro by about 9%.  The scales tipped in favor of the Radeon 9800 Pro at 1600x1200, however.  At the higher resolution,  the GeForce FX cards again performed similarly, but the Radeon 9800 Pro pulled ahead by about 8%.  So, what do all the numbers tell us?  Well, the Radeon 9800 Pro is clearly the victor.  It won 17 of the head-to-head tests versus 6 for the GeForce FX 5900s.  The Radeon 9800 Pro was also able to complete 4 more tests (OpenGL with 6X AA) than the FX.  Choosing between the Leadtek and Abit cards is impossible though.  They both had their share of victories, but none of the performance deltas were significant.  Underneath the fancy coolers, they are essentially the same card.

Overclocking With The Leadtek & Abit GeForce FX 5900s
Fast = Good  |  Faster = Better!

We installed CooBits and raised the core and memory clock speeds on both of the cards until we started to see visual anomalies on-screen during our benchmarks.  With its extra large heatsink and exhaust system, we expected the Siluro to really shine in the overclocking department.  It didn't let us down, but the Leadtek A350 wasn't about to lay down and hand a victory to Abit.  Both of the cards we're looking at today had the same default core and memory clock speeds (400MHz / 850MHz).  We were able to push the Siluro FX 5900 OTES up to 486MHz for the core, with the memory at 964MHz.  The A350 went a step further, hitting overclocked core and memory speeds of 491MHz and 970MHz.  The performance increases realized by overclocking these cards are represented in the graph above.

Leadtek WinFast A350 TDH MyViVo

We intended to compare GPU temperatures while these cards were overclocked, but unfortunately we could not.  For some reason, the temperature tab within NVIDIA's drivers was not available with the Abit Siluro FX 5900 OTES.  The screen capture above was taken after approximately 30 minutes of benchmarking with the overclocked Leadtek A350.  As you can see, the GPU core temperature never got even close the 140°C slowdown threshold.

The Leadtek WinFast A350 TDH MyViVo and the Abit FX 5900 OTES performed at identical levels and had the same image quality. So, to pick a winner we have to focus on their prices, features, overclockability and bundles.  Unfortunately for Abit, the Leadtek card sweeps all four categories.  The A350 TDH MyViVo is available on-line for $355 US.  The Abit FX 5900 OTES is currently selling for $375.  Both of these cards have similar features and have custom cooling solutions, but the A350 has the added benefit of ViVo capabilities.  The Leadtek card also has the more complete bundle, that included two full version games, video editing software and it overclocked a bit higher too.  When all was said and done, the Leadtek A350 TDH MyViVo was clearly the victor of this shoot-out.  Abit makes one heck of a video card, but the Siluro FX 5900 OTES needs a price drop and a beefed up bundle to hang with Leadtek's offering.  Both of these cards play second fiddle to the Radeon 9800 Pro, however.  The Radeon 9800 Pro won the majority of benchmarks and is available for about $320.  If I was spending my money today, it'd be on a Radeon 9800 Pro, but the NVIDIA fans out there will be happy with either of the 5900s we looked at today.  Based on its competitive price and feature set, we're giving the Leadtek WinFast A350 TDH MyViVo a HotHardware Heat Meter rating of 8.  The Abit Siluro FX 5900 OTES has innovative cooling but was overshadowed by the A350.  We're giving it a 7.5 on the Heat Meter...

Leadtek WinFast A350 TDH MyViVo


Abit Siluro FX 5900 OTES

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