Intel SSD 2500 Pro 240GB Solid State Drive Review

Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Intel SSD 2500 Pro 240GB drive we tested performed well throughout our battery of tests, though it didn’t lead the pack in any particular category. Sequential reads and writes are competitive with some enthusiast-class drives, however, the Intel SSD 2500 Pro 240GB drive excelled with small file transfers and random 4K writes, as evidenced by our ATTO and CrystalDIskMark tests. The trace-based PCMark 7 benchmarks placed the Intel SSD 2500 Pro behind most of the other drives we tested, but the deltas separating the drives were relatively small.

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Intel will be shipping the SSD 2500 Pro series into the channel immediately. OEMs that plan to leverage the drive in various machines will follow suit somewhat later in the year. Pricing for the various drive capacities in the SSD 2500 Pro series is as follows:

Capacity Cost
120GB $95
180GB $130
240GB $160
480GB $305
If you put in the time to check out the SSD 2500 Pro’s specifications and performance on the preceding pages, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that the drive is not for everyone. There are higher-performing drives available for client systems, based on newer controllers, that will be a better fit for most enthusiasts or general PC users. The SSD 2500 Pro, however, is ideally suited to corporate clients that would benefit from the drives’ advanced management and security-related features. It also helps that Intel’s Pro series SSDs support DevSleep to reduce power consumption and are backed by five-year warranties.


  • Decent Performance
  • Advanced Security and Management Features
  • DevSleep Support
  • 5-Year Warrant
  • Uses Aging Controller Tech
  • No Power Loss Protection

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