Intel Conroe Benchmarks - Showing Big Strength

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Gaming - F.E.A.R. And The Wrap-Up


We'll wrap up our testing with F.E.A.R. gaming benchmarks...

Conroe Gaming - F.E.A.R.
Dual Cores do battle


Conroe's largest lead yet is shown in these low resolution F.E.A.R. demo runs.  This test at low res takes the burden off the GPUs and places it more significantly on the CPUs in the two test systems.  You're looking at 46% more frame rate from the 2.66GHz Conroe system versus AMD's 2.8GHz overclocked Athlon 64 FX-60.


It's hard not to be extremely impressed with the performance we've been witness to in our early preview testing with Intel's new 65nm Dual-Core Processor, code named Conroe.  Granted our test conditions were limited to only the systems Intel provided us and also the tests that Intel allowed us to run.  Regardless, with the broad-scale thrashing we saw the overclocked Athlon 64 FX-60 take, it's also equally as hard not to view these test scores from any other perspective than their face value.  And at face value, it looks like Intel is poised to change the face of the Desktop Computing landscape and potentially take back the over-all performance lead from AMD, perhaps more dramatically than we've seen in years.  These are early samples of Conroe at work, that we were able to test.  One can only imagine what a 3GHz Extreme Edition Conroe could do, should that product, or something along these lines, come to market later this year.  Until then we wait with eager, aching anticipation for the coming of Conroe. 

Could Intel "bring it"?  We think they very well could.


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