IDF Day 1: Paul Otellini's Keynote

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Larabee, The Next Extreme


During the course of the keynote, Mr. Otellini also showed a demo of an overclocked machine that was able to break a number of existing benchmark records, thanks to its cascading vapor phase change cooling system and 5.56GHz clock speed.




Mr. Otellini then moved on and talked about gaming, the X38 chipset, and the future Larabee platform.  He said X38 would be launching on October 10 and features a number of overclocking related features, PCI Express 2.0 support, and will offer a new software based tuning utility.




While he spoke about gaming, Paul mentioned that Intel plans to increase IGP performance 10-fold by 2010 to enable fluid game play on platforms featuring an IGP.  He brought out representatives from Havok (which was recently acquired by Intel) and Pandemic to speak about gaming on Intel’s platforms and to demo an upcoming multi-threaded game named Mercenaries 2.




While on the topic of Larabee, Paul mentioned that the platform would be demoed next year and will feature a many-core CPU with a shared cache.  The Larabee platform is designed for HPC and super computing applications, but as Mr. Otellni mentioned – today’s extremes are tomorrow’s mainstream.




He then moved on to the new form-factors enabled by Intel’s platforms and the increase in popularity in Ultra Mobile (UMPC) and Mobile Internet Devices (MID) and showed off a couple of affordable devices like the Classmate Notebook and Asus EeePC.  He also spoke of Intel’s SOC, or System on a Chip “Canmore” platform which will debut next year.

Paul concluded the keynote with take of power efficiency and the savings offered to large datacenters with current and future platforms.  A representative from the EPA came out and mentioned that 1.5% of all power consumed worldwide is drawn by datacenters, and due to growth in this area that number is expected to double by 2011.  They then showed off an energy efficient rack that consumed 15% less power than the previous generation while offering better performance.  

Wrapping up our day 1 coverage of IDF, it's clear that Intel is not only playing the bigger, faster, more-power game, scaling multi-core processors to new heights, they're also keyed on tempering that with power efficiency and providing more mobility to the masses as well.  

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