iBuyPower Valkyrie CZ-17 Gaming Notebook Review

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3DMark 11, Metro 2033

Now we turn our attention to gaming benchmarks, which is where the CZ-17 is designed to succeed. The GTX 675M in the laptop is a rebranded GTX 580M, which means the card should still offer strong overall performance even if it's not quite in the 680M's league.

Futuremark 3DMark 11
Synthetic DX11 Gaming Performance

Futuremark 3DMark11

The latest version of Futuremark's synthetic 3D gaming benchmark, 3DMark11, is specifically bound to Windows Vista and 7-based systems because it uses the advanced visual technologies that are only available with DirectX 11, which isn't available on previous versions of Windows. 3DMark11 isn't simply a port of 3DMark Vantage to DirectX 11, though. With this latest version of the benchmark, Futuremark has incorporated four new graphics tests, a physics tests, and a new combined test. We tested the graphics cards here with 3DMark11's Extreme preset option, which uses a resolution of 1920x1080 with 4x anti-aliasing and 16x anisotropic filtering. 

The Valkyrie's 3DMark performance ties the older Alienware M18x, which is exactly where we'd expect the GPU to land.

Metro 2033
DirectX 10 Gaming Performance

Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is your basic post-apocalyptic first person shooter game with a few rather unconventional twists. Unlike most FPS titles, there is no health meter to measure your level of ailment, but rather you’re left to deal with life, or lack there-of more akin to the real world with blood spatter on your visor and your heart rate and respiration level as indicators. The game is loosely based on a novel by Russian Author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro 2003 boasts some of the best 3D visuals on the PC platform currently including a DX11 rendering mode that makes use of advanced depth of field effects and character model tessellation for increased realism. We tested the game engine using the Metro 2033 benchmark tool.

Metro 2033 isn't a great showcase for the GTX 675M. While the card's framerate is playable, the 6990M and 680M are significantly faster. Bumping the resolution down a few notches has a major impact on frame rate in all three laptops, suggesting that this is a relatively simple way to improve FPS in firefights or larger scenes.

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