iBuypower Revolt 2 Review: A Powerful, Portable Gaming Desktop

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Power Consumption and Noise

Huge gaming systems tend to be power hogs, but smaller, LAN-friendly models like the Revolt 2 usually don’t have the same type of power-hungry hardware. We tested the Revolt 2 nonetheless and found it to be one of the tamer systems.

Power Consumption
Light and Heavy Loads

revolt 02 power

At idle the Revolt 2 pulled a mere 47.5 watts. Things headed upwards when we put the system under heavy load for 10 minutes, but even then, it pulled only 421 watts, making it even less power hungry than the Digital Storm Bolt 3.

As for noise, the Revolt 2 is fairly quiet when idle. The fan noise picks up a bit when the system is under load, but even then, it won’t turn any heads. The system’s fan noise never bothered us in the office and we’d be stunned if anyone noticed it at a noisy LAN party.

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