iBuypower Revolt 2 Review: A Powerful, Portable Gaming Desktop

iBuyPower's Software Setup

Custom PC builders generally keep their systems free of bloatware and that’s true of iBuypower and the Revolt 2. But that’s not to say there isn’t any extra software.

revolt 02 desktop

revolt 02 lighting

revolt 02 mek software

IBuypower adds its own utility managing the Revolt 2’s lighting system. You can use it to change colors and choose which direction (if any) you want the lights to move. If you buy iBuypower’s MEK keyboard, you’ll want to download the related software from the support section on iBuypower’s website to customize that as well.

In terms of the OS, Windows 10 was mostly clean. And the system shipped with up-to-date drivers. Out of box setup was minimal; once plugged in, we were ready to game in a few short minutes.

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