iBuypower Revolt 2 Review: A Powerful, Portable Gaming Desktop

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GTA V, Mordor and Thief Performance

GTA V, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Thief
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance

We tested out three other fairly graphically demanding games on the Revolt 2 as well— Grand Theft Auto V, Thief, and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. We’re in the process of building our comparison pool here, but we have data from the iBuypower Revolt 2’s closest competitor in our previous tests: the Digital Storm Bolt 3.

revolt 02 GTAV

revolt 02 mordor 2

revolt 02 Thief

As you can see, the Revolt 2 is a solid gamer. Still, it rarely managed to pull ahead of Digital Storm’s SFF contender. Both systems look good in these benchmarks. You can get better frame rates with beefier gaming PCs, but for their size, these SFFs are proving to be capable gamers.

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