HP's Pavilion ZE2000Z

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Construction: Upgrading & Maintenance

Construction: Upgrading & Maintenance
A Look Inside...

The display's range of motion is about 45 degrees from being completely parallel.

Removing the bottom access panels give way to reveal the 60GB Seagate 4200RPM hard drive, 2 x 256MB DDR333 memory modules, and the Broadcom 802.11b/g WiFi card. HP only offers up to 1GB of preconfigured memory. Seeing as this is a value notebook, however, few people will probably want to go to the trouble of maxing out their memory.


The keyboard can only be accessed by first removing the lower two screws beneath the battery pack that secure the top bezel. Once those screws are free, you just need to use a small flathead screwdriver to pry the bezel loose from the lid joint and the keyboard notches. There should be no reason to access the keyboard unless you are trying to clean it, as both SODIMM slots are located on the bottom of the notebook. The optical drive is in a modular format in the sense that HP can easily configure it with different selections, but you will not be able to swap devices in and out as it is not designed like the modular format of HP's business notebook line.


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