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Performance Summary: As you would probably expect from a high-end gaming machine powered by Intel's fastest quad-core processor that's been overclocked by more than 22%, 4GB of Corsair's top of the line Dominator memory, and a pair of NVIDIA's flagship 8800 Ultra graphics cards, the Hewlett Packard Blackbird 002 is simply a high performance machine.  When you cram as many high-end components into a machine like this, it can't help but be fast.  And in a few of the tests the machine put up benchmark scores higher than any other machine we've tested to date.
Hewlett Packard is entering the high-end gaming PC market with a bang.  In addition to the Blackbird 002's high performance, which is obviously a must in this space, the machine succeeds in a number of other key areas as well.  If we look past the benchmark scores that will vary from configuration to configuration anyway, we still see a machine that outperforms its competition in a couple of ways.  As we mentioned early on, HP designed the Blackbird 002 to be aggressive and user friendly.  Whether you like the machine's appearance or not, there is no denying it looks like a beast.  And its easy access design, low-maintenance cooling apparatus, and use of industry standard components set it apart as well.  If you haven't already done so, go back a few pages and watch the video of us opening up the Blackbird 002.  We open the machine, disengage the expansion card lock, remove a couple of separator panels, remove a hard drive and then plug it back in without any fuss or disrupting any cables.  And we do it all in about 12 seconds.  Hewlett Packard also assures us that the ordering process and support center for the Blackbird 002 will be geared for ease of use and user friendliness as well.
Ultimately, the Blackbird 002 is what HP designed it to be, a fully customizable, high performance gaming machine that also happens to be easy to access, upgrade, and work on.  We're also told that pricing will be in-line with competitive offerings, further solidifying the Blackbird 002's appeal among other high-end gaming system.  If you're in the market for a custom gaming PC, be sure to check out the Blackbird 002.

  • Customizable
  • Extreme Performance
  • Unique Case Design
  • Easy to Work On
  • Low Maintenance
  • Expensive
  • Slot-Load Optical Drives limit upgradability
  • Somewhat Noisy

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