The Hottest Products of CES 2011

Good Times and the Wrap-Up

Perhaps the best part of CES every year for us, is catching up with good friends that we don't get to see often enough.  Here we are with team OCZ.  Unfortunately, HH Team member Jen Johnson isn't in this team photo with OCZ Technology that we took at their swank party at the Aria's Deuce lounge in Vegas.  We'll add more pics to this page if we can, as we get them pulled together from various spy cams.

Mat, Marco and Dave, flanked with Team OCZ members. Thanks Jess, Ryan, Alex and Lisa!

Dave and Jen in the press room... Day 1, sans baggy eyes and pasty complexion...

Dave, Mat, and Marco at dinner with friends from Asus, Intel, and Western Digital

Good times, as always, in Las Vegas, but it always seems to fly by so fast.  Until next year, Viva LV!  And to our manufacturing friends keep the Hot Tech goodness flowing!

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