Hot Hardware Holiday Buyer's Guide 2006

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Peripherals - LCD



30" - Dell 3007FPW

Despite the $1499 price-tag (MSRP $2200), the Dell 3007FPW is quite possibly the ultimate LCD for consumers. Armed with a stunning resolution of 2560x1600, there is more real estate on this panel than in the entire state of Delaware. All kidding aside, the features of this panel leave little to be desired. In terms of ports, we find a dual-link DVI along with 4 USB ports and a 9-in-2 media card reader. Combine a low 11ms response rate with complete HDCP support and you have an LCD monitor which is ideal for nearly any application.


24" - BenQ FP241W

Coming in at a respectable $799, the BenQ FP241W is another incredibly potent LCD offering. Beyond the impressive 24" size and extremely low 6ms response rate, the key to the BenQ LCD's success is the inclusion of an HDCP-compliant HDMI port. There are still the usual collection of ports including DVI, D-Sub, component, S-Video, and composite for those who are not able to find an HDMI-equipped graphics card to suit their tastes. With a native resolution of 1920x1200, this panel is sure to make games and movies look phenomenal. People considering the FP241W should keep a keen eye out for the upcoming FP241WZ early next year as that new model will incorporate 1:1 pixel mapping.


20" - Dell E207WFP

With a current standard price of only $289, the new Dell E207WFP is nearly impossible to beat. This panel features a native resolution of 1680x1050 and manages to include both D-Sub and an HDCP-compliant DVI connection despite the bargain price. Add to this mix a blistering 5ms response rate and you have yourselves an unbelievable monitor for well under $300. With prices this low on a high-performance widescreen 20" LCD, there seems little reason to consider anything smaller.

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