Hot Hardware for the Holidays: A Buyers Guide

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Overclocker's System (Continued)


Plextor PX-740A/SW-BL $59.99 (After Rebate)

Without question, the Plextor brand has always been synonymous with quality and performance for the optical drive market. We've opted to select the Plextor PX-740 DVD+/-RW for its ability to burn nearly any format on the market at some impressive speeds. With speeds this fast, backups and copies take significantly less time than most other standard 4x and 8x burners.


Antec Performance P180 case $124.99

When selecting a case, it is critical to consider noise, cooling, and aesthetics. Typically, it is easy to find a case that covers two of those categories though we rarely see a case that effectively handles all three. The new Antec Performance P180 case is one of those rare exceptions where it effectively covers all considerations. With a unique PSU orientation that places the hot (and noisy) power supply below the motherboard, Antec solves several key issues. First and foremost, installation of the motherboard and possibly a large aftermarket heatsink is now almost trivial with no space constraints caused by a power supply looming directly overhead. The case's three-layer panels also ensure that the system's sound will not be an issue as it effectively dampens noise. 


Antec TruePower II TPII-550 550W $89.99

For less than a hundred dollars, seeing an SLI-certified 550W power supply from a quality brand like Antec is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. Dual 12V outputs, effective cooling, and a total noise output of 21.3dBA make the True Power II an ideal choice for a power supply for this system. Even with two flagship graphics cards, a leading-edge processor, and four hard drives this power supply will be able to handle the load with ease.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ $497

With two cores each featuring 1MB of L2 cache, the Toledo-cored Athlon 64 X2 4400+ is a performance monster with a price to match. Running at 2.2GHz, this processor is able to provide incredible performance in the latest and greatest games. Thanks to its dual-core architecture, this system should be able to breeze through even the most taxing applications or multi-window onslaught. Additionally, the Toledo core has seen some great success with overclockers and could be pushed to some impressive new speeds with adequate cooling.


Creative Labs X-Fi XtremeMusic $121.99

With developers putting more and more emphasis on the sound in today's game, it becomes critical to select a product that offers the highest functionality along with the highest performance. As we saw with our initial look at Creative's new X-Fi architecture with our review of the X-Fi XtremeMusic, this new architecture is now the staple of audio performance for the PC. Armed with nearly every feature of the flagship X-Fi products aside from XRam, the X-Fi XtremeMusic will be an enormous upgrade over onboard competition and should have little trouble satisfying hardcore gamers.


Logitech Z5500 speakers $219.98

With the exceptional sound of the X-Fi sound card at our disposal, it was crucial to select a speaker system that would do it justice. Fortunately, we've had ample exposure to Logitech's Z5500 speaker system in the past and have found them to be an incredible option which rivals some dedicated home theater systems. With 505W of power and possibly the largest subwoofer to ever be seen in a PC speaker configuration, the Logitech Z5500's provide audio bliss for anyone fortunate enough to use them. The built in hardware decoding for Dolby Digital and DTS is the icing on the cake for an already exceptional speaker package.


Logitech G15 Keyboard  $69.95

Hardcore gamers can now rejoice as Logitech has seen fit to provide the G15 keyboard with gaming-specific features such as a "protected" windows key. When in-game, the Windows key is disabled preventing the dreaded accidental key press that spits you out of your game. The GamePanel LCD also serves up game stats and system information while three levels of key backlighting makes any lighting condition perfect for gaming.


Logitech G5 Laser Mouse $53.65

One look at Logitech's new G5 laser mouse and it is easy to see why we've chosen it for this system. This unbelievable new mouse has a user selectable tracking resolution ranging from 2000/800/400 dpi, three sensitivity levels ranging from 400/1200/and 2000dpi, and an adjustable weight cartridge that lets the user select how much of a provided 38g of weight the user wants to customize the weight and feel of the mouse. Overall, there is no substitute for a mouse of this caliber.


Thermalright XP90c Heatsink  $66.99

At the end of the day, the performance of the Thermalright XP90c is as close to watercooling performance as you can get with traditional air cooling. Now the term traditional is very loosely used here as the XP90c is anything but your normal copper heatsink. The all copper design incorporates multiple heatpipes routed through a series of copper fins which are then soldered to the copper base for the most effective contact. When paired with a 92mm fan, this 690g behemoth is able to tame event the most unruly processors.


Evercool SFF9 92mm fan $8.49

Although nearly any high CFM and low-noise 92mm fan would work here, the Evercool SFF9 seems to be an excellent choice. With 41CFM and a low 22dBA noise level, the Evercool fan is able to provide high performance without the usual jet-engine squeal of most high performance fans.


Arctic Silver 5  $5.99

Easily the best bang for the buck, the use of Arctic Silver 5 will have a profound effect on overall cooling performance. When applied correctly, the use of Arctic Silver 5 can drop CPU temperatures by several degrees and can be the difference between an unstable system or a successful overclock.



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