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Overclocked Results


The default core and memory clock speeds for the Radeon X1950 Pro are 575MHz and 690MHz (1.38GHz effective), respectively.  As the HIS card is considered a "turbo" model, that meant speeds came factory overclocked to 635MHz (core) and 1.48GHz (memory).   At this point, HIS has altered the settings in such a manner than the OverDrive capability of the Catalyst drivers was not available.  As such, we had to rely on third party tools to increase the speeds even further.   The results, as you will see, were well worth it, as we reached 695MHz on the core and 839MHz for the memory.

Overclocking Results
Time for Some Turbo Charge Action



Although the HIS X1950 Pro IceQ3 Turbo was a strong competitor for the GeForce 7 cards we used for comparison, for the most part it placed second to the overall leader, the GeForce 7950 GT.  The overclocked speeds we were able to reach allowed us to slip by the 7950 GT in both synthetic tests such as 3DMark06 as well as straight-out frame rates in games such as F.E.A.R.  With all of that extra cooling gear on the X1950 Pro IceQ3 Turbo, we might as well put it to good use.

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