GTR Tech Corporation GT3-BH PC Chassis

Exterior Shots


GTR Tech Corporation's GT3-BH
Looking outside the box 


The GT3's outer enclosure is painted glossy black with a carbon fiber like plastic front fascia, reminiscent of a sports car. Side panels are attached by a single screw, and need a little force to separate them from the body.  Care should be taken so as not to mar the paint job in the process though.


The front has intake vents at both the top and bottom corners, and is otherwise unmarred except for a power switch, activity LED, GT3 logo, and a slimline DVD/CD-RW combo drive. A hidden access panel provides additional access to 4 USB ports, as well as microphone and headphone jacks. Calling attention to itself, the GT3 logo is backlit by blue LEDs when the system is powered on.  The blue GT3 logo did not match the coloring of the power and activity LEDs in the original model we received, but future models will have a more uniform color scheme.


The unit is supported by four foam feet which keep it stable upright, which can be removed from inside the chassis, if needed.  With the necessity of a vertical placement of the optical drive, it might be desirable to allow for side positioning, since the slim profile and top-heavy stature due to the placement of the power supply unit could lend to the GT3 easily tipping over.  


There is a recessed handle that pulls out from the top of the unit. Although not overly heavy, even when fully equipped, the handle feels a bit flimsy and more than once we worried that it might snap while transporting it to and fro from the office. Even when recessed, the handle's tips, or "wings" remain exterior, which could possibly get caught and broken off, especially when carried about inside of a knapsack or other bag.  Our fears became reality when placing the GT3 back into its original carton when one of the sides apparently broke off and wouldn't reattach, even though it appeared that it should.  When questioned about this, GTR again assuaged our fears by stating that these side pieces can be removed if needed, and if broken, users will be able to order replacement parts from their website.

Situated directly behind the handle is an opening to allow the custom power supply unit to draw air in from the top and forcibly remove warmer air out of the back of the chassis. The rear of the unit has additional ventilation for the PSU and an open grating alongside the I/O ports.  Very stylish on the outside and obviously built to increase airflow into and out of the chassis.

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