Gigabyte, Intel And Corsair Enthusiast PC Components Summit Highlights

Corsair's new case, RAM, and fans

Corsair was also on hand to discuss some of its new hardware, though it didn't have too much new information to share. The company was showing off the white version of its Carbide 400C chassis. The company said it created this version due to popular demand, and also hinted it might even have an all-white PSU in the future as well.

The white Carbide 400C, which should be available soon.

Corsair also had a system on-hand sporting its new Vengeance LED memory kits, available in either red or white. The system we saw showed the LEDs flashing left-to-right, and it looked cool yet subtle. 

corsair ram
Corsair's Vengeance LED memory kit in white.


Corsair also showed off its flagship memory kits, the Dominator Platinum, which are available in either blackout or chrome. There will only be 500 kits sold for each color, so get em while you can!

Corsair Dominator Platinum with chrome finish

Finally, Corsair brandished its new ML fans, which stands for Magnetic Levitation. These fans use magnetic bearings to reduce noise and increase lifespan. The company also said some of its customers weren't sure where to use its AF or SP fans, which are designed to provide either high airflow or static pressure, and that the ML series work well in all scenarios.


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