NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan: Yes, It CAN Play Crysis 3

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SLI Performance (Cont.)

Next up, we've got some multi-GPU numbers with Alien vs. Predator and Sleeping Dogs...

SLI and CrossFire Testing (Cont.)
Multi-GPU Configurations

Wow. Just wow. The Alien vs. Predator benchmark always ran really well on the Radeon HD 7970, due to the card's wide memory bus, relatively large frame buffer, and high-clocks, but the GeForce GTX Titan SLI configuration easily dispatches the CrossFire setup. And once a third card is added to the mix, performance simply goes through the roof.

More goodness from the GeForce GTX Titan. Performance scaled considerably in the Sleeping Dogs benchmark, and the GeForce GTX Titan SLI configurations clearly lead the pack once again.

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