Gainward's AGP8X NVIDIA Powered "Golden Samples"

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Gainward's AGP8X NVIDIA Powered "Golden Samples"
Giving Things a Boost with AGP 8X

By - Jeff Bouton
December 03, 2002

OpenGL Benchmarks with Quake 3
Anisotropic Filtering

In this final round of Quake 3 OpenGL benchmarking, we ran the same combination of tests again, this time enabling 4X Anisotropic filtering, otherwise known as 32-Tap.

With 32-Tap anisotropic filtering enabled, the performance trend continued with each card.  The 650/XP posted an increase ranging from 3-5FPS and the MX Pro 600 held the lead with its increased clockspeeds.  We opted not to run 64-Tap tests since the GeForce4 MX doesn't support it.

More OpenGL Benchmarks with Serious Sam: TSE
"Serious" OpenGL Performance.

Croteam's Serious Sam:  The Second Encounter is another excellent tool for testing a system's OpenGL performance.  In fact, it is one of the rare games that can be configured for both DirectX and OpenGL, however, it seems to have found a home with OpenGL.  Let's take a look and see how things shaped up.

Once again we saw some rather unremarkable increases in performance when comparing the 4X cards to the 8X.  Perhaps things will improve as newer software is developed to take advantage of the increased bandwidth?


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