Gainward's AGP8X NVIDIA Powered "Golden Samples"

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Gainward's AGP8X NVIDIA Powered "Golden Samples"
Giving Things a Boost with AGP 8X

By - Jeff Bouton
December 03, 2002

OpenGL Benchmarks with Quake 3
Synthetic Goodness

When it comes to OpenGL tests, Quake 3 is the ?Granddaddy? of them all and it continues to prove its worth everyday.  In this round, we focused on the ?High Quality Settings? at both 1024x768 and 1600x1200 resolutions.

With Quake 3 ?DEMO004?, the increase in performance with both cards was nominal at best.  The 650/XP offered an increase of roughly 3.5 FPS while the MX Pro 600 was a little more impressive.

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Full Screen Antialiasing Performance!

Next we enabled 4X Full Screen Antialiasing to give the two cards more of a challenge, gauging their performance with high quality output.  Let?s see how each faired.

With the higher quality 4X FSAA enabled, each card posted similar scores with the MX Pro 600 obviously having the widest gap.  The 650/XP managed less than 2 FPS at either resolution and was the only card to post playable frame rates at 1024x768x32.


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