Fusion-io ioXtreme PCI Express SSD Review

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Iometer Workstation and Database Results (cont.)

The next series of Iometer benchmarks we're going to offer you are single-point, 8 thread tests that show the various SSDs we tested in a simple bar graph spread.  These tests were all performed on formatted NTFS partitions on each drive.

Looking at the smaller file workloads we've organize here, the ioXtreme drives, offer over 2X the performance of the OCZ Z-Drive and 5X the performance of a single Intel SSD.  Also, the RAID 0 setup with the ioXtreme Pro scaled very nicely here, offering roughly double the performance of a single ioXtreme drive.

Here the spread is decidedly tighter with larger file transfers at 64K and it's obvious that sequential, larger file performance is easier on the average SSD in general, as is apparent in the Intel SSD number.  Also, the RAID 0 volume with the pair of ioXtremes offers almost 2X the performance of a single ioXtreme drive.  So, in short, where the ioXtreme really excels is with smaller, more random access patterns, which you could make a case for being more like an average desktop usage model.  However, we'll just let the numbers speak here and you can determine for yourself as to your own personal usage model.

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