Foxconn WinFast NF4SK8AA-8EKRS

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SANDRA and World Bench

We'll kick off our round of benchmarking with the widely popular SANDRA (System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) benchmarking tool. For testing we used the CPU Arithmetic benchmark, the CPU Multimedia benchmark, and the Memory benchmark.

SiSoft SANDRA 2005 Scores
Let's get ready to rumble!


The Foxconn NF4SK8AA-8EKRS fared well in the CPU Arithmetic benchmark, scoring a few points higher than its closet rival in the database, the 1.8GHz Opteron. With the Memory benchmark, there were no nForce 4 presets on to go by, but you can see how it fares against nForce 3 and a couple of Intel platforms. It's no secret that the multi-threaded Pentium 4 can easily beat the Athlon in the multimedia test.  Against a 1.8GHz Opteron though, our 3000+ Winchester combined with the Foxconn NF4SK8AA-8EKRS comes out slightly ahead.

PC World's World Bench 5.0: Photoshop and Windows Media Encoder 9
Real-World Application Performance 


PC World's World Bench 5 is a business and application benchmark designed to provide real world performance comparisons in todays hottest applications. World Bench has the ability to test a wide variety of different applications, and today we'll be looking at how our two boards hold up against the Adobe Photoshop and Windows Media Encoder 9 benchmarks. While testing the performance in Adobe Photoshop, we received identical scores of 412 seconds.

Moving on to the Windows Media Encoder 9 benchmark, the ASUS A8N Deluxe comes out slightly ahead with 479 seconds versus the 481 seconds it took the Foxconn WinFast NF4SK8AA-8EKRS to complete the test. If there's any knowledge to gain from these two tests, it's that the Foxconn's board is able to handle content creation with the best of them.

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