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Benchmark Summary: When compared to the similarly configured Abit AA8 DuraMAX motherboard, the Foxconn 925A01-8EKRS2 wasn't able to outperform the Abit board in any of the benchmarks we ran.  However, the deltas between the two board were so small that, for all intents and purposes, they performed at identical levels.  When compared to a similarly configured i875 based test system, the Foxconn 925A01-8EKRS2 was consistently faster in all but one test, but again the margins of victory were quite small.

The Foxconn 925A01-8EKRS2 is a very good product that is worthy of your attention, should you be in the market for an i925x based motherboard and an LGA775 Pentium 4.  Foxconn has outfitted this motherboard with an excellent compliment of integrated features and it's priced very competitively at about $175 U.S.  The layout of the board was also quite good, the BIOS is very feature-rich, and from the moment we set it up the 925A01-8EKRS2 just worked. We didn't encounter any problems worth noting, and found that even when overclocked to extreme levels the Foxconn 925A01-8EKRS2 was rock-solid and stable.  Just about the only gripe worth mentioning was the fact that Abit's AA8 DuraMAX, which is actually one of the only i925x based motherboards that is less expensive than the 925A01-8EKRS2 at the moment, outpaced it in all of the benchmarks.  The performance differences were so small though, that we can't realistically say one board was really that much "faster" than the other.  The deltas were so miniscule for the most part, that if we ran the very same tests with a different AA8 and a different 925A01-8EKRS2, the performance scales may very well tip slightly the other way.  The bottom line is that the Foxconn 925A01-8EKRS2 is a competitively priced, well performing, stable motherboard.  We're giving it an 8 on the Heat Meter.

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