Foxconn 755A01-6EKRS Motherboard

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3DMark03 and Gaming

FutureMark's 3DMark03 CPU Test
Cpu Efficiency Testing

While 3DMark03's legitimacy as a graphics card benchmark has suffered due to the whole "Driver Optimization" hoopla, we find it's ability to isolate testing to the CPU quite useful for motherboard testing.  In this module, we selected both CPU test 1 and 2 and recorded the total score at the end.  Once again, comparison testing was done on the MSI K8T Neo.  

With pure CPU testing, the Foxconn 755A01 topped the VIA K8T800 comparison board by 23 3DMarks, an edge of 2.8%.  Unlike PCMark04, we saw a slight variation in scores favoring the SiS based board.  Next we'll run a few games to see if this pattern continues.

Gaming with UT2004 and Comanche4
A New Face in Town

Another easy way to assess a system's CPU/memory performance is to load several gaming benchmarks and reduce the affects of the video card by reducing the resolution.  This helps to take the video card out of the performance equation altogether.  To achieve this we ran a custom demo of UT2004 at 640x480x16 and Comanche4 at default settings with "No Audio" selected.  

Once again we saw the Foxconn motherboard take the lead by a small margin.  With UT2004 we saw a difference of 5FPS in favor of the Foxconn model.  With Comanche4 the differences were even less noticeable, with the Foxconn 755A01 pulling ahead by less than 1FPS.

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