iPad In Between: Not Smartphone or Notebook

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So, Where Does The iPad Fit Into Your Life?

We've broken down the finer points of Steve Jobs' argument that the iPad is designed to be a specialized third device, that lands somewhere in between a smartphone and notebook, and now it's a bit easier to determine the validity of Jobs' statement. There are clear things that the iPad does that no current smartphone and no current full-sized notebook can accomplish easily. But is that reason enough to shoehorn a third device into your life?

In order to best answer that question, it's vital to look at what the iPad can do and decide if those things would benefit your life in any substantial way. Will having a bigger screen to use more robust, more engaging apps open up a new world of entertainment for you? Is your notebook not available when you need a better browsing experience than the iPhone (or any other smartphone) can provide? Is your notebook's battery always dying too soon on business trips? Are you in need of a great, highly portable multi-media player?

If your phone and notebook handle things just fine as-is, there's really no need to give the iPad a second look. If both your smartphone and notebook are coming up short in a few areas that the iPad excels in, there's probably reason for you to head out to your local Apple store and at least try one. At the end of the day, we found ourselves believing that the iPad really can act as a third device, but we still don't think it's well-equipped enough to be purchased by those who don't already have a specific use in mind. You be the judge.

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