iPad In Between: Not Smartphone or Notebook

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What The iPad Can Do That Your Notebook Cannot

What The iPad Can and Can't Do Versus The Notebook -

So, how does the iPad stack up to your notebook? What can it do that the notebook can't, or better still, what can it do better? Let's have a look...

Squeezing In -
Work well in tight spaces. Notebooks demand a lot of area to be used comfortably, whereas the iPad can be easily used in a coach-class airline seat or most any other tight space. The iPad can also be used exclusively with your fingers (or a keyboard, via an optional adapter), whereas you'll need some sort of trackpad/keyboard input to get tasks done on a notebook.

Easier Passage -
The iPad can slide through an airport scanner without being removed and placed in a grey bin. You laugh at this one, but for heavy travelers, this is great. The less you have to take off and take out at security means that you're potentially on the airplane faster.

Apps Galore -
Use apps in the App Store. Of course, you can get "real" software for a notebook, but there are countless apps that cost far less than desktop apps and get similar things done. These are real time savers, and often times they add unique capabilities to the iPad that simply cannot be accomplished on a notebook. That said, there's a level of more complex computing functionality that the notebook offers, in addition to being a more open system environment.

Touchy Feely -
Accept commands via touch. The iPad can do many things that a standard notebook cannot thanks to the touch panel. The iPad can become a makeshift DJ mixer, a doodle pad, a note-taking machine or an e-mail machine. There are simply more niche things to be done on an iPad than a notebook; most of these tasks requires the purchase of external peripherals on a notebook (a USB mixer, for example).

Keeps On Ticking -
Last for 10+ hours. We know we're using this one again, but it bears repeating. Your full-size notebook isn't lasting 10 hours on a single charge, period. The iPad can, and if you're not near an AC outlet for extended periods of time, this could be huge.

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