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Overclocking the 7950 GX2


The default core and memory clock speeds for the 7950 GX2 are 500MHz and 600MHz (1.2GHz effective), respectively. We used the sliders available within NVNDIA's Forceware drivers after enabling Coolbits to overclock the card as far as 578MHz for the GPU and 764MHz for the memory and then re-ran a couple of the benchmarks to see what kind of gains were achieved.

Overclocking the e-GeForce 7950 GX2
When fast just isn't fast enough


It's not really much of a stretch to expect the results we got, which came out to an overclock of close to 15% on the core and nearly 25% on the memory.  What is more impressive, is that we achieved these gains in such a close-knit configuration that makes up the 7950 GX2.  Two GPUs and memory, overclocked, and sitting mere inches away from each other.  Picking up 10 frames per second in F.E.A.R. can only put a smile on your face.

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