ECS KN1 SLI Extreme: SLI on a Budget

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SLI Performance with UT2004 and Doom 3

In our final test scenario, we traded in our GeForce 6800 GT for two GeForce 6600 GTs.  This time, we reran our Unreal Tournament and Doom 3 tests at 1600x1200 with 4X Antialiasing and 16X Anisotropic Filtering enable. First we ran each test with one GeForce 6600 GT installed, then repeated each test with SLI enabled.

SLI Benchmarking with Unreal Tournament 2004
DirectX 8 Gaming Performance

With the single card test, the two motherboards ran at virtually identical FPS, with a slight edge going in favor of the MSI K8N Neo4.  Once we added a second card for SLI testing, the scales tipped in favor of the ECS KN1 SLI by 2.5 FPS over the K8N Neo4.

SLI Benchmarking with Doom 3
OpenGL Gaming Performance

With Doom 3, the results were even closer then the UT2004 results.  The single card performance results were within .5 FPS of each other.  With SLI enabled, the performance for each scenario increased just shy of double, with the differential increasing to .7 FPS variance with the ECS KN1 SLI having the edge in both tests.

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