ECS GeForce 9800 GTX+ Hydra, Liquid Cooled SLI

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Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts


Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

Company of Heroes

Relic Entertainment's World War II era real-time strategy game Company of Heroes was originally released as a DirectX 9 title for Windows.  But recent upates to the game have incorporated support for new DirectX 10 features that improve image quality and enhance the game's finer graphical details.  The game features a built-in performance test which which we used to attain the results below. Our Company of Heroes tests were run at resolutions of 1280 x 1024 and 1600 x 1200 with 4X anti-aliasing and all of the game's image-quality related options set to their maximum values.


ATI's cards, whether they be the older 38xx series or the newer 48xx series just don't seem to handle Company of Heroes titles very well.  This is not new news, although even we were surprised by the HD 4870 getting handily beat by the plain jane GeForce 9800 GT - at least at 1280x1024.  What we weren't expecting was the way the 9800 GTX+ handled this game, whether or not we had them running in SLI.  A single 9800 GTX+ card was able to beat or meet the GTX 260, depending on the resolution, and two cards offered a significantly higher frame rate.

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