ECS 945G-M3 and C19-A SLI Motherboards

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Windows Media Encoder 9 & LAME MT

Windows Media Encoder 9
Digital Video Encoding

For our next text, we moved onto a benchmark based on Windows Media Encoder 9. PC Worldbench 5.0's Windows Media Encoding test reports encoding times in seconds, and like the tests on the previous page, lower times indicate better performance.

We know it's getting redundant, but the performance by all three boards is virtually identical again.

LAME MT MP3 Encoding Test
Converting a Large WAV To MP3

In our custom LAME MT MP3 encoding test, we convert a large WAV file to MP3 format, which is a very popular scenario that many end users work with on a daily basis, to provide portability and storage of their digital audio content. In this test, we created our own 223MB WAV file (a never-ending Grateful Dead jam) and converted it to MP3 format using the multi-thread capable LAME MT application in single and multi-thread modes. Processing times were recorded and are shown in seconds below. Once again, shorter times equate to better performance.

Here we can see a good example of the benefits of multi-threaded applications. In multi-thread mode, the encoding time is almost cut in half.  But again, all of the motherboards we tested offered similar performance regardless of the test configuration.

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