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Star Trek Legacy

Another really interesting game I managed to get a demo of and some hands-on time with was Bethesda's Star Trek Legacy for the PC and Xbox 360.

Star Trek Legacy Coming for XBox 360 and PC

Fly aboard almost any star ship

The game looks a lot better than this photo

Klingon Ships in Federation space

Commodore: A Blast from the past

Techmo Pro, Different Strokes for different folks

Fallout 3 Poster

The ship models stunned the demo room and the gameplay really shows some promise. If Star Trek Legacy turns out anything like we expect (and hope) it will, then this game marks a triumphant return to gaming for the Star Trek series. We also saw a Fallout 3 poster at Bethesda, but the company was keeping pretty quiet about its status.

We've got more in from E3 coming soon.  Stay tuned...

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