E3 Day 2 Coverage: NVIDIA, NCSoft, Capcom & More

From the show floor

"To game is to live." - Anonymous Gamer

The Day After Yesterday - Welcome To E3, Day Two

The majority of yesterday was spent in the West Hall, which consists primarily of console games with the Sony and Nintendo booths overshadowing everything else in the hall. I tend not to spend as much time in this area, but thought that you might be interested in seeing what those companies had in store for the global consumer.

Welcome to another day at E3

E3 Crowds...

A Vista of the South Hall

My Lambo was parked in the sun

However, today was a day for primarily PC gaming and hardware meetings. But first I had to find parking for my yellow Lamborghini. Okay, maybe it's just a photo of someone else's car.  Nice, huh? The cars were on display in front of the West Hall to promote Forza Motorsports 2 for Xbox 360.

Empires at War: Forces of Corruption Expansion

The Ultimate Bad Guy, Tyber Zann

Indy Jones Coming to all Platforms in 2007

Indy Jones Behavioral Engine Demo

Indy Jones Physics Demo

More Indians Jones

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Lucasarts Booth art

More Booth art

The first meeting of the day was with LucasArts and, as always, the company has an interesting lineup of titles. Fans of the recent Star Wars: Empire At War will be pleased to know that the expansion pack, Star Wars: Empire At War - The Forces Of Corruption looked quite good. For the first time you take on the role of an aspiring underworld figure whose influence ranges far afield in the galaxy. The space combat continues to look superb and we were assured that the land-based tactical portion of the game will be an improvement.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy will be released across all platforms on September 12, 2006 - the day Lucasfilm plans to release the "Original Trilogy" DVD movies for the first time. The upcoming Indiana Jones game is due in 2007 and showcased some potentially groundbreaking physics, even if the demo itself was an early work-in-progress. NaturalMotion's endorphin technology was being used for real-time behavioral physics and this look incredibly cool. It's easier to see than discuss. Go here (www.naturalmotion.com/pages/demos.htm) to check out a few demos of endorphin at work.

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