E3 Day 2 Coverage: NVIDIA, NCSoft, Capcom & More

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NVIDIA, NCSoft, Capcom & More

Next door was Nvidia. There we sat down and looked and some brand new cool tech behind closed doors - something that we'll reveal to you in due time.

NVIDIA's Booth was packed

GPU Physics Demo

Dell's XPS line-up gets a new look

Conroe & Quad SLI Courtesy of Dell & NVIDIA

The new XPS has a modular, upgradeable design

In the meantime, the Nvidia booth was a great place to try out some of the hottest looking PC games on the show floor. We also got to look at the GPU physics support in Havok-based titles. And then in the back corner was the sweet looking Quad SLI-powered Intel Conroe-based Dell XPS. It looks yummy and this time around it looked like Dell was keeping engaged enthusiasts sharply in mind. Don't be surprised if it's a box you end up wanting.

Take 2 Booth

Showing Off Prey

Intel Floor Bus With Play Stations

Capcom Showed Lost Planet for the XBox 360

Capcom Showed Dead Rising on the XBox 360 as well

Konami's Booth

Nokia had a large NGage Booth

Hitman is already here

NCSoft Demos Tabula Rasa

Not Terribly Impressed with Dungeon Runner

Tabula Rasa Poster

Fallout 3 Poster

Later, in the Take2 booth I got some hands-on with Prey, which was a blast in multiplayer. The feature that lets you walk up walls will have some gamers sending back up their meals. Still, the design sounds pretty innovative for a tried and true genre. However, it was an interesting new feature for an FPS game. A new Civilization IV expansion and Side Meier's Railroads were also looking like a good time. Unfortunately, we missed out on playing Rockstar's (creator of the Grand Theft Auto games) Ping Pong title, which looked like it might be fun.

Capcom isn't a booth I normally spend much time in because of its very console-heavy focus, but Dead Rising really caught my eye. The plot line is a wee bit reminiscent of the movie "Dawn Of The Dead." You're a journalist doing research on a zombie story and end up trapped in a mall for a specific number of hours with lots of zombies. The sheer number of methods available to take out said zombies is nothing short of amazing. I had some doubts about this one, but those feelings were put to rest after playing the game.

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