Digital Storm ODE Level 4 System Review

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Performance Summary & Conclusion

Performance Summary: What can you say about a gaming system that, more often than not, posts triple-digit framerates in our gamut of benchmarks? Traditionally, you could say, "Holy hell, that's one expensive machine!," but we're talking about a $3,479 computer that dances on the edge of diminishing returns without hopping over to the other side. Yes, it's still pricey for the average Joe, but for the performance junkie with a five-star appetite on Red Lobster budget, Digital Storm's ODE Level 4 serves up big performance numbers in everything you throw at. In fact, there wasn't a single benchmark that exposed a kink in this system's armor.


To an extent, performance is relative, and so is price. What might be expensive to one person is affordable to another. Whether or not you consider a $3,479 system affordable is something only you and your accountant (or significant other) can answer. What we can tell you is that you're getting a large amount of value for your money with Digital Storm's ODE Level 4. If you were to piece together this system on your own, you'd only end up saving a few hundred bucks, a feat that's nearly unheard of when you start venturing into the realm of higher performing boutique system builds. Those extra funds aren't wasted, either. After all, you're getting a system that's professionally built, wired with care, overclocked and burned in for 72 hours for stability, and a 3-year guarantee that it's not going to give up the ghost. On top of that, Digital Storm touts lifetime U.S.-based tech support, so there's no language barrier to deal with (provided you speak English relatively well) or someone on the other end of the line reading through a manual. There's value in all those things.

This is a well built system from a boutique builder that simply 'gets it.' Digital Storm is clearly one of the good guys; they're not out to rob you, they just build high performing PCs at a reasonable markup, and they do a great job, as evidenced by the system we received. And if you can't afford a $3,479 PC, there are three other tiers to choose from in Digital Storm's ODE line starting with the Level 1 system priced at $1,515. There's no guesswork involved with the part selection, you simply decide what you can afford and Digital Storm will ship out a pre-configured rig with performance to match your budget. Ordering a system has never been so easy with so few compromises.



  • All around fast performance
  • Pre-configured and ready to ship
  • Very little markup compared to building a system yourself using the same parts
  • Great looking case
  • Plenty of USB 3.0 ports
  • Lifetime U.S.-based tech support
  • No bloatware whatsoever
  • Outside of accessories, there are no customization options to choose from
  • Graphics card fans are loud

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