Digital Storm ODE Level 4 System Review

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Power Consumption & Noise

As a pre-configured system that's ready to ship right after a 72-hour burn-in period, you can't customize Digital Storm's ODE line and upgrade to a bigger power supply. However, the Level 4 systems ships with a Corsair HX1050 PSU, a modular unit with lots of wattage and 80 Plus Silver certification.

This is a beefy PSU with a single +12V rail delivering up to 87.5 amps. It sports a low-noise design and is generally considered one of the better power supplies on the market.

Total System Power Consumption
Tested at the Outlet

We used SeaSonic's Power Angel Power Meter to measure the amount of power our test system pulled from the wall. You'll find three figures below: power supply's maximum rated wattage, peak power consumption under a full CPU/GPU load, and how much the system pulled from the wall when idle, following a fresh system boot.

We measured the ODE Level 4 after it had been running idle for about half-an-hour and our Power Angel showed it was staying steady at 208W. That's not bad for a rig of this caliber. We then forced the system on an all-out sprint with a potentially lethal combination of Prime95 (stresses the CPU) and FurMark (stresses the GPUs) that you shouldn't try at home (we're not joking -- running these programs in tandem for an extend period of time can kill your components if you're not careful).

The result is that we recorded a peak power output of 1,019W, while the load held fairly steady at around 1,007W. That doesn't leave much room to spare, but it's also an absolute worst case scenario that no sane person should ever have to worry about.

As for noise, as we previously stated, this isn't a quiet system. The case fans aren't the culprit and can be dialed down (or up) using the built-in fan dial, but the fans on the videocards certainly make their presence known. It won't be distracting while playing games, especially not if you're wearing headphones, however it's a not system you'll want to use as an HTPC.

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