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Overclocking The Stealth's
Trying To Get More Performance For Your Money

To aid us in our overcloking efforts, we installed the latest version of PowerStrip, and started things off by trying to raise the memory clock speed on both cards.  Unfortunately, we were unable to raise the memory speeds by more then a single MHz before immense artifacts were present in our benchmarks.  Returning the memory back to stock speeds, we next tried to raise the VPU's core clock speed, but our overclocking attempts here also failed.  We did not witness any crashes or lockups with the cores overclocked, but there was no change in performance - it seems that both of these cards are "clock locked".  Consequently, there is no real point in overclocking either of them.

On the whole, we think the Stealth S100 and S110 are adequate solutions, considering their price point and target audience.  Keeping in mind that these cards are aimed at the budget minded consumer whom will not be using it for high-end gaming, they are a fairly good value.  With both cards coming in sub $100 USD ($94.00 for the S110 and $86.00 for the S100), they fall easily into the "affordable" range for most people looking for a quick upgrade from on-board graphics.

With all that said, for good build quality (minus the heatsink), fair performance and a good price tag; we are awarding the Diamond Stealth S100 a rating of 7 out of 10 on the Hot Hardware Heat Meter.

  • Cheap Price Tag
  • Good Construction
  • Supplied S-Video Cable


  • Heatsink was Loose
  • Can Not Overclock


The Diamond Stealth S100 (Radeon 9600SE)


And lastly, for great build quality, adequate performance for a card of its class and an average price; we are awarding the Diamond Stealth S110 a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on the Hot Hardware Heat Meter.

  • Average Price Tag
  • Great Construction
  • Supplied S-Video Cable


  • Lack of Full DX 9.x support
  • Can Not OverClock


The Diamond Stealth S110 (Radeon 9200) 

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