DFI LanParty and Abit AN7 NFII Ultra Motherboards

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DFI LANParty NFII Ultra B vs. ABIT AN7
The Clash of the nForce2 Ultra's

By: Tom Laverriere
February 29, 2004


While SPECViewperf mainly gives us an idea of how the graphics subsystem performs, it is also designed to showcase a system's bandwidth and over all application performance as well.

SPECViewperf 7.1.1
High-End Workstation Performance

Again in this test we're seeing almost identical scores, but the DFI LANParty motherboard manages to outscore its counterpart in every category.  While the differences are minor, they are performance gains nonetheless.  The biggest difference can be seen in the dx-08 set of benchmarks at the overclocked settings.  We're still not ready to declare a winner or a trend at this point however, since all scores are probably within a margin of error.


PCMark 2004
Synthetic CPU, Memory, and HDD Bandwidth Testing

PCMark 2004 is another synthetic benchmark that utilizes standard desktop functions like JPEG Decoding, Audio Compression and Text Search. 



The HDD and CPU scores seem to be neck and neck, but its interesting to see that the DFI LANParty motherboard again manages its largest lead in the memory performance category.  Perhaps DFI has managed to better utilize or enhance the memory timings and subsystem on its motherboard compared to the ABIT motherboard.  Regardless of what the real culprit is, it's obvious that DFI is a better performer when it comes to the memory subsystem benchmarks.  Enough of the synthetic stuff, let's get down and dirty with some real 3D Gaming scenarios.

UT 2003, Halo, Aquamark 3 and The Ratings

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