DFI AK76 AMD 760 Mainboard

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The DFI AK76 AMD 760 Mainboard
Via and AMD...What a Combination!

By Jeff Bouton

More Benchmarks / Comparisons
CC Winstone 2001 and Sandra too!

Our next test focus on the boards ability to handle graphic intensive programs that require heavy CPU and Memory usage.  Once again, our tests will be compared to the MSI K7T266 Pro..

Content Creation Winstone 2001

Well, with the previous results we've seen , this wasn't much of a surprise.  This time around, the DFI AK76-SN was bested by the MSI K7T266 Pro by 7.6 Points.  Although there is a fairly large disparity, the DFI still came up with fairly respectable numbers.

What do you say we get to the real fun stuff and see just how the system benchmarks with Sisoft Sandra, then we'll crank the CPU and Bus speeds up as high as they can go, and do it all again!

Sisoft Sandra

         CPU@1000MHz     CPU@1430MHz (10x143)

 MM@1000MHz               MM@1430MHz

 Mem@1000MHz             Mem@1430MHz

Hard Drive@1000MHz


Well, maybe the Quake 3 numbers were sub-par compared to the MSI board, but boy can this board handle some overclocking.  Setting the Bus Speed to 143MHz. and the multiplier to 10 , we were able to to achieve a very stable 1430MHz.

With the Processor running at 1430MHz, we saw substantial benchmark gains across the board.  We have to say that once we got it up to its overclocked peak, this board was real stable.  One of the goals at DFI was to create a board that was stable, and even at excessive Bus speeds, the AK76-SN was rock solid.


The AK76-SN motherboard from DFI has married chipsets from AMD and VIA in hopes of producing a performance motherboard that is both stable and cost effective.  When it comes to stability, there is no doubt that the AK76-SN is as solid as they come, but at what price?  Perhaps DFI has chosen to sacrifice a little performance for that stability, I'm not sure.  One thing is clear is this board didn't really compete with a similar board from MSI.  A few months back, we had the opportunity to review an i815 board, which was compared to a similar competitors board.  Even then, we saw similar differences in the benchmark results, but the board is still being used today and it is very stable.  Coincidence?  Or are we seeing a pattern? 

Overall, we feel that DFI has made some questionable design decisions with the AK76-SN.  With less than desirable component placement, moderate performance, and excellent stability, we give the DFI AK76-SN a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a...

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