DFI AD70SR Motherboard Review

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The DFI AD70-SR Motherboard Review
More KT266A Lovin' In The House!

By, Jeff Bouton
December 6, 2001

MPEG-2 Encoding Performance
Processor Performance Benchmarking...

Our next test in the line-up is MadOnion's Video 2000 MPEG-2 Encoding Performance test.  This is a relatively short test that does a good job at measuring the CPU's processing capacity.

It may not be much to look at without a comparison, be let me assure you that this is not a bad score at all.  This will become clear as the AD70-SR is used in future KT266A reviews.  Now we'll move on to some benchmarks who's numbers may be a little more familiar.

More Performance With Quake 3
Reaching For the CPU Limit...

Now things are looking a little more familiar.  Typically we like to run the Quake 3 Timedemo 1 at the "Fastest" settings to determine the CPU limit as shown in Frames Per Second.

Once again, the DFI AD70-SR did a fine job tearing through the time demo.  Now we'll move on to the Winstone's...

Business and Content Creation Winstone
Reaching For the CPU Limit...

Both Business Winstone and Content Creation Winstone focus on a systems ability to process popular "Real-World" applications.  The first focuses on today's more popular business oriented applications while the latter stresses a systems multimedia capabilities.  Let's take a look and see how the AD70-SR handled the task at hand...

Clearly it can be seen that the AD70-SR, matched with Via's KT266A chipset, was more than able to handle the more intensive tests we could throw at it with relative ease.  If you compare these results to our recent Shuttle vs Epox review, you will find that the AD70-SR performance was in the same ballpark. 

Overall, DFI has put together a decent motherboard that balances top-notch performance with excellent stability.  There is no denying that the performance of the AD70-SR is right up there with other "Higher-end" motherboard.  Nonetheless, we are a little surprised with some of the design decisions made with the AD70-SR.  We were especially taken aback by the migration away from the jumper-less motherboard design.  As other manufacturers have simplified their design, allowing necessary adjustments to be made from within the BIOS, DFI has reverted back to the hands-on approach.  On top of that, without any installation instructions whatsoever in the Users-Guide, installing this motherboard can be a daunting task for the novice.  If you are a PC enthusiast who is familiar with installing computer hardware, then we have no problem recommending the AD70-SR.  It is a motherboard with high performance, stability and a lower price tag than comparable KT266A boards.  However, if you are lacking the experience needed to install a new piece of hardware, you may find some of the jumper settings a bit unclear and intimidating.

We give the DFI AD70-SR motherboard a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a...

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