Dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One Review

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Performance Summary & Conclusion

Performance Summary: Hands down, the Dell XPS 27 Touch Touch is the most powerful all-in-one we’ve tested to date. It annihilated every other machine in our reference database in every test, including Dell's own last-generation model, the original XPS One 27. Some scores approached those of solid gaming rigs we’ve had in the lab previously, thanks to the system's fast processor and discrete NVIDIA graphics.

The AIOs we’ve looked at have, up to now, been almost ‘tweener options in terms of performance, offering lots of eye candy and treats like beautiful displays and touch capabilities, but not much in the way of CPU and GPU horsepower. The latest Dell XPS One 27 definitely upped our expectations of what an all-in-one was capable of.  Dell's new all-in-one showed us that the form factor can produce computers that can actually let you play some demanding game titles with reasonably high image quality settings, as well as work in demanding content creation apps with horsepower to spare.

After looking at the benchmark scores, there’s nothing much left to say; the XPS 27 Touch sports a new generation of CPU and GPU with the Intel Core i7-4770S and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, and the performance boost is evident.

That level of performance is even more impressive when you consider how quiet the machine is under (some) loads--there aren’t a bunch of system fans or a liquid cooler keeping those components cool. Further, even though it offers far more performance, the thing looks exactly like every other AIO we’ve seen, with a large and beautiful display, silver color design, pivoting neck, and a solid base. (In this case, the components are in the display and not built into the base.)

For such performance, as well as the attractive form factor and all that it offers, the XPS 27 Touch's as-configured price tag of $2,099 (or less) is appealing, to boot. If you’re looking for a low-power AIO you can find cheaper options, but the Dell XPS 27 Touch is as close to a true “all-in-one” as you’ll get at this point in time  This new Dell AIO offers users--even gamers, up to a point--all of the amenities you’d want in a PC, from robust components to a nice array of ports and multimedia capabilities. This XPS 27 Touch is as close to a no-compromise offering as we've ever seen in this class of products.

  • Dominant performance in its class
  • Attractive looks and features
  • Excellent built-in audio
  • Remarkably quiet
  • Included mouse feels a little cheap
  • Multitouch response is sometimes slow

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