Dell XPS 18 Portable All-In-One Desktop Review

Power Consumption & Battery Life

Total System Power Consumption
Heavy and Light Workloads
We used SeaSonic's Power Angel Power Meter to measure the amount of power our test system pulled from the wall. You'll find two figures below: peak power consumption under a full CPU/GPU load and idle power consumption following a fresh system boot.

This isn't a power hungry system, by any means, not with it's tablet-like DNA. At idle, we measured 23W from the all, and a mere 51W under load when fully stressing the CPU and GPU. As an added bonus, the system never gets loud. There is a cooling fan that kicks on when things get a little hot under the collar, but it emits a soft whir rather than an obnoxious buzz or windstorm.

Battery Life Test
Heavy and Light Workloads

It makes the most sense to keep the stand plugged into the wall so that battery life is never an issue when stationary, just as would be the case with any other AIO. However, if you do decide to remove the display and use it as a full fledged system outside of the stand, you can expect a little more than two hours under most worst-case scenarios, save for gaming, which is going to drain the battery even faster. Even in this scenario, however, you can plug the AC adapter directly into the panel itself.

We're not putting a ton of focus here on tablet battery life, because at 18.4 inches and around 5 pounds, most people aren't going to carry the XPS 18 far from home the way they would a traditional slate. That said, you can expect several hours out of the XPS 18 if all you're doing is updating your social media feeds, sending emails, and surfing the web.

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