Dell XPS 12 (2016) Review: Core m-Powered 2-in-1 Laptop Convertible

Benchmarks: SunSpider and PCMark 8

These first few benchmarks are useful for evaluating a systems javascript performance when browsing the web and overall capabilities with everyday, home and office-type worklaods. The tests help us gauge the XPS 12's ability to handle everyday computing tasks, including Web browsing, video chatting and word processing.

SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark
JavaScript Performance Testing

SunSpider is a well-known JavaScript benchmark. The test is designed for comparing browsers to each other, so it’s worth pointing out that different Web browsers can have an impact on scores.

xps 12 sunspider chart

We used Windows 10’s default Web browser, Microsoft Edge, to run SunSpider here. Edge received better JavaScript support from Microsoft last summer. Still, the XPS 12 trailed several of the more powerful systems in our comparison pool, but it certainly ranked highly all things considered.

PCMark 8
Productivity and System-Level Benchmarking

We selected three tests from PCMark 8. The Home test is just as it sounds: a collection of everyday tasks, including web browsing and chatting. The Work test is more demanding and has business-oriented tests, while the Storage test gives you a close-up look at what your SSD or hard drive can do.

xps 12 pcmark8 chart

The XPS 12 performed very well here. It offered solid scores in all three categories, but really shined in the Home and Work tests. We used the Accelerated versions of the both the Home and Work tests on all of the systems in this comparison pool. The machine's performance here is rock solid and its SSD proves to be fairly speedy, too.

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